Winthrop Development Consultants works with partners in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community to distribute products and services to their customers.

The great Partners in the community are what makes the Microsoft Dynamics GP eco-system so strong.
Partner Portal
Winthrop Development Consultants has created a Partner Portal for partners to use for all their sales, support, ordering and renewal requirements.

If you are a Microsoft partner and need access to the partner portal, please use this Partner Signup form to sign up as a Winthrop Development Consultants partner (no costs involved) and obtain the required credentials. Each partner organisation only needs to sign up once, so check with your primary person responsible for product renewals or contact us if you are still not sure.

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Latest Partner News
31-Aug-2022: Critical Security Vulnerability and Price Increases

Winthrop Development Consultants was recently notified by InstallAware, the supplier of the installer software used for the distribution packages for all our products, that a Security Vulnerability was identify in their product.

However, the issue will exist on all machines that have used an installer built with the previous compromised versions of their installer software.

Using the newly fixed installer software, we have created and released new builds of all our products which should be installed at all customer and partner sites as soon as possible. Any build of any of our products downloaded and installed after 10-Aug-2022 contains the fix.

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We have not changed our pricing since 2016 when the current module-based pricing was adopted with the release of Build 21 of GP Power Tools.

Since then, we have released many new builds with lots of added functionality and features in all modules of all our products, providing a massive increase in the value. So, from January 2023 there will be a minor increase in the module pricing.

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There is lots more news including training opportunities and product release notices in the recent newsleter.

For the full update see the August 2022 Newsleter here.
01-Oct-2020: Important: Winthrop Development Consultants internal changes

As at the 01-Oct-2020 Winthrop Development Consultants is changing its internal business structure. There will be almost no external changes, all the people, contact details, addresses and phone numbers remain the same.

We will be changing from

Winthrop Dexterity Consultants Pty Ltd (ACN: 066 742 452) as trustee for The D & J Musgrave Family Trust (ABN: 99 549 336 945) trading as Winthrop Development Consultants


Winthrop Development Consultants Pty Ltd (ACN: 643 065 114, ABN: 68 643 065 114) trading as Winthrop Development Consultants

Australian partners and customers will need to change the ABN and bank account details only.

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02-Nov-2018: New presentation on the Benefits of Winthrop Development Consultants products is now available

Selling GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP has always been an interesting affair. If you can get a customer to sit and watch a demo (live or on video from the GPPT Portal), they immediately see the benefits and want the product. However, it is usually the people who work with the product day to day who see the demo and then they find it hard to sell to management.

The problem is that GP Power Tools is not critical to your system, it is not required to perform the accounting tasks to run a business. But, it does enhance the user experience while performing those accounting tasks. It makes using GP simpler and easier and helps avoid data entry issues. And if anything does go wrong, it is there to immediately provide tools to capture screenshots, capture logs and troubleshoot issues.

GP Power Tools helps manage the application level security by providing multi-dimensional views into the security system and reporting facilities not available from core Dynamics GP. It also provides analysis with insights into possible security issues and enhances security with Deny Based Security.

Add to this functionality for scripting (allowing for bug fixes, customisation, advanced debugging, custom RW functions and custom web services) in multiple languages without needing any external tools, as well as functionality for resolving database access and possible upgrade issues, then GP Power Tools becomes invaluable.

To demonstrate the many benefits of GP Power Tools, a presentation was created for GPUG Summit 2018. This seven minute slide deck provides a quick overview of how GP Power Tools can solve your pain points and is now available from the downloads section.

Please download this deck for yourself and to show to all your customers or users.

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01-Jul-2018: Important: Winthrop Development Consultants now directly and exclusively distributes all of its products

As mentioned at the beginning of May, Winthrop Development Consultants will distribute all of its products directly from 01-Jul-2018. Well, the day has arrived and the distribution arrangement with Mekorma has now ended.

We have been working hard to make the transition as painless as possible for both Partners and Customers and the article below should hopefully answer any questions you might still have.

A quick clarification, this transition was always something that was planned. Partnering with Mekorma in the early days got Winthrop up and running quicker, without the need to create the infrastructure for sales, support and registration systems. They already had systems in place and we agreed to work together. Note that the products have always belonged to Winthrop Development Consultants.
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01-May-2018: Winthrop Development Consultants will distribute all of its products directly from 01-Jul-2018

Winthrop Development Consultants has been working closely with Mekorma to distribute its product range for the last two years. Back in November 2017, we moved our free Visual Studio Integration Toolkit (VSIT) product back to Winthrop. Now we are pleased to announce that the remaining products; GP Power Tools (GPPT) and Batch Posting Service Toolkit (BPST) will be distributed directly by Winthrop Development Consultants from July 2018.
From July 2018, all new subscriptions, subscription renewals, and sales and support queries will be handled via Winthrop Development Consultants. All installations will need to upgrade their software before their subscriptions expire to be able to renew under Winthrop's registration system.
Working with Mekorma has been a great experience and helped Winthrop Development Consultants get started and get our range of products to market faster and easier. Thanks to Ora, Craig, Angel, Jay, Mariano and the whole Mekorma team.
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