Microsoft Dynamics GP GP Power Tools
Winthrop Development Consultants is proud to present GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP (GPPT).

The premier tools for making using and administering Microsoft Dynamics GP simpler and easier.
GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a Dexterity, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net based integrated product for Microsoft Dynamics GP which contains a collection of utilities and tools to make the tasks of administering, supporting and developing Microsoft Dynamics GP easier and faster.

GP Power Tools is based on the product previously known as the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

For hints and tricks see the GP Power Tools Portal on the Winthrop Development Consultants blog. For Demonstration Videos see the GP Power Tools Videos page and for sample code see the GP Power Tools Samples page.

Watch the Benefits Presentation below to see why every GP customer globally should have GPPT:
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GP Power Tools is sold as three modules which can be bought separately, with some standard features available when any module is registered. The three modules and their features are:
Administrator Tools  
  • Avoid data entry errors! Company based colour schemes provide an immediate visual cue to which company is being used.
  • Gain full administrative and audit control of your security system, including Deny-Based Security and Dynamic Product Selection.
  • Roll out Dex.ini setting and Launch File changes to all workstations.
  • Simplify troubleshooting by disabling third party products and customizations (including Visual Studio Addins and VBA).
  • Users can customize window positions and sizes based on the how they use the system.
  • Manage user licenses with user activity tracking, automatic logout and login limits.
Developer Tools
  • Create, execute and publish scripts from inside Dynamics GP, using Dexterity, Transact-SQL, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net.
  • Create triggers to schedule events, customize Dynamics GP, and debug issues by automatically capturing logs. Works for original or modified windows.
  • Build custom Report Writer functions, custom Service Based Architecture (SBA) service procedures or custom URL Drill Backs.
  • Request parameters from users for scripts without needing any additional programming and perform actions on SQL results returned.
  • Group triggers, scripts and parameter lists together into development projects for easy maintenance and exporting & importing.
Database Tools  
  • Synchronize and repair Dynamics GP Companies and Users with SQL Server Databases, Logins and Database Users.
  • Update Logins and passwords after moving to a new SQL Server or when creating test environments.
  • Clean up system tables and validate database integrity and table structures before upgrading to minimize upgrade issues.
  • Export and import selected data from multiple tables using XML for quick transfer of small amounts of data between systems or for backups.
  • Easily reset user passwords and change password policy settings.
Essential system features that come with the first module you register:  
  • Capture and email 5 system logs in "One-Click".
  • Capture and email a full system status report and screenshots of all open windows in "One-Click".
  • Send emails from inside Dynamics GP even with no email client installed.
  • Change Dex.ini and registry settings from inside GP, including making GP work well on high res monitors.
The tools contain two types of features; Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Standard Mode features can be used safely by all users. Advanced Mode features require system administrator or database owner (dbo) privileges and require expertise in Dexterity, Visual C#, Visual Basic.Net and/or SQL Server administration.
FREE 30 DAY TRIAL AVAILABLE - Just download, install and add your contact details into the registration system, then just click on the individual key icons for each module to request trial keys.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To ensure continued registration and the best experience, always install the latest build. Install over the top of the existing build, no need to uninstall first. You can also copy the updated files from one install to other installs. See article: Updating GP Power Tools.

GP Power Tools MUST be installed on all workstations and servers where Microsoft Dynamics GP is installed to be fully functional. If this recommended configuration is not followed, do not expect all the features of the product to function correctly.

  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP (v18.4) Modern Lifecycle - Pre-release
    (New build 29 coming soon, use this one for now)
New GPPowerTools_18.04.0028.exe
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP (v18.3) Modern Lifecycle
New GPPowerTools_18.03.0028.exe
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP (v18.2) Modern Lifecycle
New GPPowerTools_18.02.0028.exe
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 & GP 2018 R2 (v18.0)
New GPPowerTools_18.00.0028.exe
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 & GP 2016 R2 (v16.0)
New GPPowerTools_16.00.0028.exe
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 & GP 2015 R2 (v14.0)
New GPPowerTools_14.00.0028.exe
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 & GP 2013 R2 (v12.0)
    Final build, no Further Development
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (v11.0)
    Final build, no Further Development
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    User Guide Manual Documentation

    Note: The manual is included with the installer, but is also available as a separate download.
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    Version History (also installed in application folder)
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    Brochure handout
    Last Updated: 18-Dec-2019
  • GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    Benefits Presentation (runs for about 15 mins)
    Last Updated: 23-Sep-2020
New GPPowerTools_Benefits.ppsx
Support Information
  • Support for GP Power Tools is provided by Winthrop Development Consultants.

    Use the Contact Us form or email with your details and the details of your support query.
  Support cases can be logged via
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Ordering Information
  • Free 30 day trial available - Just download, install and add your contact details into the registration system, then just click on the individual key icons for each module to request trial keys.
  • For customers, the price of an annual subscription for the first module (including system features) is US$500 (shown as US$400 for the module and US$100 for system features). Each of the additional modules can be added for US$400. So one module is US$500, two modules are US$900 and all three modules are US$1300. As an annual subscription, each subsequent year renewal is for the same amount. There is no additional maintenance or annual enhancement fee, just the annual subscription. The price is per system and not affected by the number of users or companies.
  • Partners can request Not for Resale (NFR) registration keys.
    Please sign up as a partner with Winthrop Development Consultants on the Partners page and you are automatically entitled to NFR registration keys for your in-house or demonstration systems.

    Note: Partners must be using registration keys with their registered site name and not demo keys with Two, Inc. for NFR registration to work.
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