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If you are a Microsoft Partner (Selling, Consultant or ISV) and wish to sell Winthrop Development Consultants products, please complete the following partner signup form and click Send to send an email to .
The form only needs to be completed once per organisation, please provide a unique email address for the primary contact for product orders and renewals. The email address is used to link the partner record with the free NFR (Not For Resale) keys for all Winthrop products that partners are eligible for.
The Site Name and Account Number fields in the form below are your Microsoft Registered Site Name and Microsoft Account Number, available from PartnerSource or from the Registration window in your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. It is needed so that we can generate the product keys for your in-house, test and demo systems.
Please note that due to timezone differences, a response might take longer than 24 hours.
  Partner Contact Details for individual handling renewals and invoicing:
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  Partner Dynamics GP Registration Details as per GP Registration window or PartnerSource.
Incorrect Site Name or PS Account Number will prevent the signup being processed.
Not yet signed up with Microsoft? See this article for how to sign up. **
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Partner Account Number* Maxiumum 7 digits, not Phone No.
  For SPLA/Hosting partners if Account Number = 0, please provide the Partner Account Number.
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A copy of the email will be sent to your email account for your reference.
Product subscriptions are invoiced using PayPal. The invoices must be paid via PayPal using either a credit card or a PayPal account.