Winthrop Development Consultants is the home of cutting-edge products that make your working life easier. It's also your one-stop-shop for everything you need relating to Microsoft Dynamics GP customisations, and development consulting and training.

Winthrop Development Consultants and David Musgrave build on a long history with the Microsoft Dynamics GP system, and the development of numerous add-on tools and products, to bring you the latest innovations.
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Winthrop Development Consultants is ready and waiting to help you with all your Microsoft Dynamics GP tools development, consulting and training needs.
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Formed by David Musgrave in October 2014, Winthrop Development Consultants brings over 20 years' Microsoft Dynamics GP experience and more than 30 years' development experience to the Microsoft Dynamics GP community.
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"David is an invaluable resource of information about Dexterity, the GP architecture and the security of the application, as he is the original creator of the Support Debugging Tool, something no GP admin could live without it."
"I wouldn't use Dynamics GP with GP Power Tools."