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  Congratulations! The fact that you have clicked here means that you have decided to improve your health and fitness. Wombat Fitness can help.

Everyone wants to feel their best and to function at their best, but not all of us want to fumble our way around a noisy, impersonal gym.
Wombat Fitness has focused on providing Living Longer Living Stronger (LLLS) services for The Council Of The Aged (COTA).


Why Wombat?

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Wombats are powerful

They have powerful limbs for digging. Power is produced when muscles are able to work with both strength and speed, in a co-ordinated manner. Power is required to drive a golf ball further, serve up an ace at tennis, and push a laden, wayward shopping trolley.

Wombats are strong

If a predator such as a dingo enters its burrow they are able to crush it against the roof of the tunnel until it stops breathing. Some days we just want to be strong enough to open a jam jar. Strong muscles are essential to support joints, reducing the risk of developing arthritis as well as the pain associated with bone degeneration.
References: Osteoarthritis - Prevention, Better Health Channel

Wombats are surprisingly swift

In order to escape danger wombats can run at 40 km/hr. Aerobic fitness is an essential part of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also causes our body to produce endorphins that make us feel great. Studies have shown that exercise on its own can be and effective treatment for mild to moderate depression.
Reference: Black Dog Institute - Exercise and Depression Fact Sheet. Published November 2008

Wombats are stable

With their low centre of gravity and compact bodies you probably could never “tip” a wombat. In a year, over one third of people over the age of 65 will experience a fall. Falls are one of the most serious issues affecting the independence of seniors in Western Australia. Exercising, especially on unstable surfaces, such as a fit ball or uneven ground, promote and retain balance and proprioceptive skills.
Reference: Stay On Your Feet WA

Wombats have balance

They know the importance of curling up for a good nap. Exercise and a healthy diet is one part of the equation for feeling fit and energised. Sleep is the poor, underrated cousin. Exercising can help produce a better night’s sleep, and vice versa.

Wombats are determined

If a wombat wants a carrot it will chew and claw its way through fences, doors and anything that stands in its way to get to that carrot. Wouldn’t it be great to be that focused on achieving your goals? Having a trainer to keep you on track can be a huge help.

Wombats are not ashamed

I had the pleasure of talking to renowned author and wombat studier, Jackie French (Diary of a Wombat, and many, many others). Jackie related how if you scold a dog, or most any animal, it will sulk and hang its head. Try that with a wombat and it will bite you! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have the confidence to feel that you never needed to apologise for who you are?

And finally,

Wombats are awesome!

If asked to describe a wombat, most people would use words like chubby, slow, and sleepy. Maybe you have used these words to describe yourself. If I can change your perception of wombats in a few minutes, imagine how much Wombat Fitness can change how you feel about yourself. Awesome!

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